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Be a Warrior

Today is day eight of a nine day journey of sacrifice I have taken on. Like the Allfather Odin, who hung on the world tree for nine days and nights, sacrificing himself to himself in his search for wisdom and knowledge, I am sacrificing myself to myself. I have been in meditation and ritual these… Continue reading Be a Warrior

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A Solar Eclipse to a New You

So this blog is maybe a little late coming, but I'm going to do it anyways. Please, my dear little witchy friends in the interweb, tell me you are aware of the solar eclipse about to happen! Seriously, this is one of the most massive and life changing events in the year. This is the… Continue reading A Solar Eclipse to a New You

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Morning Rituals

Happy Freyfaxi / Lammas everyone! During my own rituals I had a pervasive message come through - get back to morning rituals! Now, you might be wondering why the spirits have such an interest in my morning habits, so let me explain. For about a solid year, several years back, I had maintained a morning… Continue reading Morning Rituals