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Following Old World Models

I consider myself a practitioner of the old ways. What does that mean? It means I look to the way our ancestors interacted with the world around them and try to mimic that in my own life. I am always adapting my life in new ways as I learn more and more about how my… Continue reading Following Old World Models

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Morning Rituals

Happy Freyfaxi / Lammas everyone! During my own rituals I had a pervasive message come through - get back to morning rituals! Now, you might be wondering why the spirits have such an interest in my morning habits, so let me explain. For about a solid year, several years back, I had maintained a morning… Continue reading Morning Rituals

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Diversity in the Home

I have almost always shared a home with people who subscribe to Catholicism. The difference between my demoralizing upbringing and the encouraging and accepting household I am living in now is night and day. You can read about my journey to paganism here, but to give you the short of it, my father is a… Continue reading Diversity in the Home