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Cognitive Dissonance

Google’s definition:

cog·ni·tive dis·so·nance

  1. the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.



This is the greatest enemy of a witch. Our power relies on us having complete clarity in what it is we seek. This applies to all forms of craft – prophecy, manifestation, creation.

All forms of witchcraft require a focused application of the practitioner’s will. If your intent is not specific, concise, and completely clear your work is going to be compromised. End of story.

As you can see, operating in a ‘state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes’ is going to affect your clarity of will. Hence, you got cognitive dissonance, your spellwork is going to have dissonance.

This is by far the most important struggle of a witches like, especially for those of us trapped into living in the closet. We must struggle to find a way to remain true to ourselves at all times.

Why do you think witches, truly powerful witches are the masters of giving no fucks.

We must maintain a level of not giving a fuck in order to be true to ourselves at all times. Now I’m not saying you need to quit your job in order to be a witch 24/7 because that’s the only way to be true to yourself.


You’re a witch, yes, but you’re also a powerful individual with your own passions and interests. Just be cause you like to do ritual and spell work does not mean you can’t also be a kick ass engineer if that’s how you roll.

The message to take from this really is to just do you. Be yourself and celebrate what makes you you.

You’re a beautiful powerful witch, but you’re so much more than that too!

Being true to yourself is about respecting and honoring yourself. It’s about trusting your instincts and getting inspired every day by the world you surround yourself with.

Try daily meditation or daily prayer as a means of connecting with yourself and your goals. Consider going about your day with mindfulness – is what you’re doing in alignment with who you are or are you just acting out of an old outdated habit or worse, are you doing things simply because you were told to do it?

Correcting cognitive dissonance is simple. Just start living life consciously choosing to be true to yourself with every action and thought.



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