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Morning Rituals

Happy Freyfaxi / Lammas everyone!

During my own rituals I had a pervasive message come through – get back to morning rituals!

Now, you might be wondering why the spirits have such an interest in my morning habits, so let me explain.

For about a solid year, several years back, I had maintained a morning ritual. I never left my house or even got dressed until I had sat down to sage, meditate, center, and connect with my spirit guides and deities (my spiritual coven!) During this same period of time, I was working full time as a psychic.

When things in my life got really difficult, I fell out of practice. It was purely out of frustration with my situation and with my spiritual coven for not protecting me. It was a childish and immature response to the trials in my life.


I have since come to realize that my guides and deities had given me a set of trials to encourage me to grow.

Don’t get me wrong, trials and tribulations suck big hair balls and there’s no denying it.


By discontinuing my practice and lashing out at the spirits by turning my back to them, I made my life that much more difficult. I made what was intended to be a learning experience into an excuse to be a victim.

Don’t do what I did.

It took years to learn from my mistakes and even now I am working to repair the relationships I had with the spirit realm. I have also spent a considerable amount of time overcoming my feelings of abandonment over what happened during that period in my life.

Morning Rituals

So now, they are encouraging me to return to my morning ritual, to spend a little time each day connecting with my spiritual coven so that I can receive their daily guidance and deepen my intuition.

Morning rituals don’t have to be anything crazy, on the contrary, they can be crazy simple!

For example; This morning, I started my day with my physical therapy exercise and yoga for about 40 minutes. This helped me to ground and center. Then I made tea, lit incense as an offering, and did my ‘I love…’ practice, while my tea steeped. I got dressed for my day and then sat down to drink my tea and meditate / commune with my spiritual coven where my lovely guide ‘A’ (that’s just what we’re going to call her out of respect to her wishes not to be named) suggested that I write this blog.



See? Super simple. This routine has left me grounded and centered, it has my intuition kicked up a notch, and my guides and Gods are happy. Come to think of it, so am I! I am just generally feeling pumped for the day in spite of my chronic pain. I’m also seemingly more happy than usual this morning.

My plan is to continue this practice for thirty days and update you on my progress. If you’re interested you can create your own practice and try it with me!


I’m considering doing a morning routine video on youtube. Would any of you be interested in that?

I’m also considering starting a youtube channel primarily for recipes and such. Again, if you’re interested leave a comment below!


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