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Screw Gratitude

Alright, we all know the different new agey tricks to manifest.

Focus on the good things

Believe you already have it

Practice gratitude


Well, I say screw that shit. I don’t know about the rest of you witches, but I have yet to see anything manifest from these things. I only ever hear positive reviews on social media and I have a healthy dose of skepticism for those.

What I will say is that this last year I have been going back to my alchemist roots (alchemy being the very first form of witchcraft to peak my interest when I was a child). The alchemist views witchcraft as a science, thus performs all magick as an in depth study. You note every action and reaction, control variables, and track each nuance.

I’ll be the first to admit that doing this kind of goes against my practical witch nature, but this scientific approach has proven invaluable in determining the magickal practices that provide the best results.

One such study I’ve been doing is a “gratitude practice”.

For 30 days I have started my morning with devotional prayers and a verbal gratitude practice.Β More on my 30 day devotional prayer practice coming soon!

The specs:

For 30 days, every morning I said to myself ten things (or more, but the minimum was ten different things).

I’m grateful for the good health of my husband

I’m grateful for my cat

I’m grateful for rainy days

I’m grateful for…blah, blah, blah

I followed this up with an entreaty to reach my personal goals with the aid of the Gods and spirits.

The outcome:

Well…. I started shaming myself for not being grateful enough and especially for being grumpy about even having to do this in the first place.

Yeah, not a good mental or emotional state to develop, yet it seems a common theme. In fact, my gratefulness practice put me in a bad mood.


Because I felt duty bound to be grateful for every little thing and when I wasn’t listing all those little things off every morning I started to convince myself that I was an ungrateful person who didn’t deserve good things.

You know what happens when you drop into a space of shame? You start manifesting all the shit you don’t want. Literally. I wound up with unexpected expenses everywhere and even began arguing with my husband on a regular basis.

It sucked.

The edit to the experiment:

So obviously a gratefulness practice turned around and bit me in the ass. At first I was just so angry – at myself and at the Gods and spirits. Why was this happening to me? Why couldn’t I manifest like Suzie and Johnnie Q?

Well, I was doing some research on where I was going wrong when I stumbled across someone who suggested manifesting from the heart.

She suggests dropping into a heart centered place before doing a manifestation practice. I thought this was a fantastic idea since I worship a love goddess! So I immediately tried meditating on my heart chakra, dropping into that energy and then offering this gratitude practice up.

I am so grateful for…

hmm….no, that just didn’t feel right. Ok, just think about something you love.

I love my cat

Yeah, that felt better, ok,

I am so grateful for…

Er….nope, still not good. ok, well,

I love my husband, he’s so good to me and treats me so well.

And there it was.

I am so grateful for the things that I love, but I don’t need to say it, I just feel it because gratefulness is just an extension of my appreciation for the things I love.

The last twenty days I have been practicing an “I love…” practice.

Every morning (this works really well on my commute – say goodbye to road rage!) I list all the things I love. I love doing this practice so much I even do it when I can’t fall asleep at night or when I’m bored or just generally not in a good head-space.

You know what? My life has radically improved for the better. And I saw results in one week. No joke.

I started this practice and found I immediately have this sensation of euphoria when I’ve listed off about 15 things. I automatically feel energetically cleansed and more emotionally prepared to take on my day. I have also found that I experience that peace of mind you usually get after meditating or doing trance work.

I tell you what, this “I love…” practice is the easiest way to improve your life and you don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed. The whole point of this is just to vibrate to the things you love, to rejoice in all the beauty of the world for five minutes. That’s all the Universe really wants from us, to experience and enjoy this beautiful realm we live in!

So join me in saying screw gratitude practices and start revelling in all that you love and enjoy without shame.

Extra credit!

Try these mantras to boost your manifestation powers while doing your “I love…” practices;

I love how it feels when… (I get to, I am, etc)

I love the idea of… (being, doing, having, experiencing, etc.)

I love seeing myself… (as whatever I want to be)


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