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Life and Blog Changes


So y’all probably noticed that not only have I been gone for a few weeks, but the blog has a new appearance. Well… it also has new subject matter.

I opted to put the blog on hold for a time because I had some health issues that were becoming a large concern and required my attention. I struggled with whether or not I should make this a topic here on my blog, but finally decided it was important to add this here.

I want to be clear that my intention with adding new subject matter surrounding chronic illness and chronic pain and health in general is to provide a pagan perspective for a topic I find is usually only discussed by Christians. Not that there is anything wrong with the Christian perspective on  overcoming health obstacles and improving your quality of life. I just felt pagan stay-at-home parents and chronically ill pagans don’t have a voice out on the internet.

So in the future expect posts concerning health, diet, chronic illness and pain as well as more blogs about relationships and life in general all from this pagan practical witch’s perspective.

And yet another possible change…

I am seriously considering starting a youtube channel. I had a youtube channel once over five years ago and had some success with it before I decided to close it. I’ve been thinking about returning to youtube for some time now, mostly again because the pagan perspective of normal life is really missing out there.

Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in seeing a youtube channel pop up!


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