Odin the Alfather

What sort of heathen would I be if I didn’t have a page dedicated to Odin?

The Alfather, fearsome one eyed wanderer, wise one, bearer of the runes. May He ever be adored.

Odin and I have a…complex – for lack of a better word – relationship. I had only my fultrui, Freyja, for several years before Odin made His claim on me.

If I’m being honest, I ignored Him for a long time, mostly because He scared the crap out of me, and if you have any sense He scares you too. That being said, in all His great wisdom, Odin has always met me with a gentle tenderness so contrary to popular interpretations that I did not trust Him when we first interacted.

If any of you have a powerful, terrifying God or Goddess reaching out to you, I suggest you listen. They do not take kindly to being ignored. And well They shouldn’t. Check out my other blog on my experience ‘boxing’ with the Gods.

Well, it’s been several years now and Odin and I are on dare I say good terms. Don’t get me wrong, I still approach Him with great caution and He treats me gently still, but our confidence and trust is slowly growing stronger.

Things you should know about the great wanderer, Himself: He’s a badass whose first concern is always the attainment of knowledge and wisdom.

A great warrior in His own right, this Chief of the Aesir Gods never follows conventional norms. Even in the Norse communities, Odin did some things that most men would have found shameful. Not Odin,

He owned that shit.

The All-father is associated with sovereignty, war, death, but also poetry, wisdom and the shamanic arts (some exclusively performed by women! *Gasp*)

He refuses to allow anything to limit Him and He ruthlessly pursues knowledge and wisdom without any concern to the cost. This God has sacrificed His eye and hung Himself upon the great tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nights without sustenance all in the name of gaining more knowledge and power.

What have you done to achieve your goals?

Like I said, total badass.

All hail Odin, the All-father, He who sacrificed Himself to receive wisdom and knowledge. Great Wanderer and Bearer of the runes, may you ever be adored!

Quick Reference Associations When Working with Odin

Colors: Black, orange and red

Metal: Gold and tin

Stones: Agate, carnelian, jet and onyx

Scents: Dragon’s blood, pine and salndalwood

Animals: Crows, eagle, wolf,

General associations: Blue cloak and floppy hat, Wednesday, Saturday, ferns, mandrake, valerian, yew, and the rune Ansuz.

Alright guys, let me know if there’s any topics you want me to discuss on here. I have a list of topics in the works, but new ideas are always welcome! I’m planning to show you guys how bullet journals and planning can be a magickal witchy tool here in the very near future! Let me know if that’s something you’d like a video of and I’ll consider if that will be something I do in the near future.

Blessed be!


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