The Weeding Dilemma

Now this may seem dumb to some of you, but last year I had an extremely difficult dilemma concerning the yard of my first house. As a ‘green’ witch the lives of plants matter to me, more than that though, I recognize the use and importance of each plant – even the weeds that quickly took over my yard.

My husband was less than pleased.

I don’t blame him either – I wasn’t too happy myself.

Here’s the conclusion I came to: While weeds are living beings that serve a great many purposes, allowing the beauty of my yard to be diminished does not honor or serve the land wights.

Land wights are the spirits connected to a place. They are most prominent and recognizable at holy sites, like Stonehenge and the like. In Iceland, there was an eight year battle over the construction of a road due to consideration for the needs of the huldufolk of Reykjavik. If that doesn’t express the importance of respecting the land wights, I don’t know what does.

In any case, the point remains that while I wanted to allow the weeds to grow because they are obviously more suited to the earth where I am located for so many reasons, I was creating a less than inviting home for land wights. This is something I cannot abide. So I have chosen the lesser of two evils.

This year, my husband and I are dedicating serious time and sweat to our land. First we removed the majority of the weeds, second we have redone the lawn that was dying for no apparent reason (usually a good sign that your land wights are either pissed or have simply peaced out of your janky-ass yard for greener pastures), and now we are planting flowers and bushes and vegetables and herbs.

We’re mindfully creating a welcoming and vibrant home for the spirits.

It’s the little considerate actions we take that are the most appreciated – with spirits and people alike. Not only does the energy of our home feel better, but I have offered up my sweat and physical exertions as offerings to the land wights and the Gods of the plant world.

This is what it means to be a practical witch. You recognize that every action when done with deliberate mindfulness can be an act of witchcraft.

That’s what makes us the most powerful witches.

That’s what makes us the most dangerous.


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