Christian Magick Part 3

Ok, so far we have addressed the practicality of having faith in yourself and having a steady routine practice for your magickal workings. Thanks for sticking with me through this, I hope you enjoy this article and that you’ve been learning through these posts.

Now, you may not have realized that while I do condemn the actions of the bigots and those who actively seek to vilify pagans and their practices, I actually support and encourage learning about other religious faiths. I also strongly encourage adopting whatever practices and beliefs suit you and your practice.

These articles are just a taste of what I’ve found through studying Judeo-Christian beliefs and practices. I strongly encourage you to do the same. Watch videos on youtube, listen to Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. Try to see the world from their perspective to better understand people of cultures different than your own.

I am not here to encourage discrimination. In fact, I hope that by finding our personal power and developing confidence in ourselves we will understand that another person’s truth does not negate our own. Just because someone believes in the Christian God and Jesus Christ does not mean that my Gods do not exist, simply that we see the world differently and we work with different divine beings.

I hope you are all starting to appreciate our global community a little more, because that is our next topic.


Building Power Through Community

While I believe the Christians use community to their benefit, it is also being used to their detriment.

If you’ve ever worked with a coven or a grove or with a witch friend in order to manifest something, you have probably – I hope – felt the magnification of energy that occurs during your ritual. Christians have this down.

Christians in their many various forms have a wonderful sense of acceptance and inclusion when you share their beliefs. They want to pray with you, they want you to pray for them. What they want is a coven of people who can direct all their energy towards the same goal.

I have met pastors and priests who will bring an individual’s petition for prayers in front of their congregation. If someone was praying for their cousin to give up an addiction and seek help and sought this pastor or priest’s help, they have the potential to have 100+ people from the congregation all sending energy towards the same goal through prayer and faith.

This is so unbelievably powerful it’s insane. I encourage you to go to Christian church on occasion just for a chance to see this in action. It’s astounding.

Well witches, we have seriously dropped the ball on this. We are the embodiment of the potential downfall Christians have within the power they cultivate through community.

Christianity has many subsects and none of them agree entirely on the tenants of their faith and as such they segregate and alienate themselves from themselves.

It’s almost as if Christianity is the body and each sect is a limb. So when the body tries to move forward, one leg walks forward the other backward and one of the arms says “Fuck this shit!” and pops off. That body isn’t going anywhere fast.

In many ways, that is what witches have been doing.

Sure, covens are hard to come by and communities of various magickal practitioners are often poisoned by petty grievances and our own inability to just accept others as they are even when their beliefs seem to be in conflict with our own.

Just look at the “fluffy bunny” witch controversy. Are we really tearing our small fragile community apart with these discriminatory and judgemental accusations?

Who gives a shit if the witch next to you doesn’t do necromancy and you do? If both of you do a spell with the same aim at the same time, effectively together but in your own ways, you still have two witches directing their energy – and potentially the energies of their spirit allies (in this example we’ll say a mix of ancestored dead spirit as well as land waifs) – towards the same end goal. Suddenly your spell has become far more powerful.

I hope you can see now the importance of setting aside our differences to work together. Now let’s take it a step further.

We have the internet! We have the most powerful and effective keys to building our community across countries and continents! Why are we not utilizing this properly? Imagine if we set aside our differences and directed our global energies towards one goal! We’d be unstoppable!

So let’s change the world! Practice acceptance of others and different beliefs. You don’t have to adopt the beliefs of another to treat them with deference or to work with them to see a mutual goal accomplished.

Imagine what is possible if we all just worked together!


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