Christian Magick Part 2

Thanks for checking out part two! If you haven’t already, go ahead and read part one now.


There are people out there, who hate witches and the craft. They revile us because we once had something they wanted.




So they burned and tortured our ancestors and stole their magick. And out of anger we never thought to reclaim our power.


So, if you’ve read my first post, you’ll see we discussed one magickal ‘key’ that the Christians are doing better than us. Now on to the next!


Militant Spellcrafting


So yeah, they don’t call it spellcrafting, but what else would you call manifestation through recurrent prayer? If you boil it down, all spellcrafting is simply prayer.


Essentially this is practical magick. Simple, basic, easy to do anytime anywhere.


Why are they better at it than us?




Ugh, so boring, right? Meh, maybe, but it works and it works well.


Check out some videos on the new phenomena of the War Binder. It’s kind of like a book of shadows… ok, no, it is a brightly colored, super-organized book of shadows that is often used in conjunction with a War Room – which at its core is just an altar space meant only for prayer.


Yeah, bet you didn’t see that coming.


This is cultural appropriation at its finest. Are you mad? Good. You should be.


Now go and reclaim these practices, and while you’re at it take some of their ideas with you!


Create a daily routine and set aside time for religious (if you’re so inclined) studies, for spiritual introspection, and for prayer and spellwork. Do these things every day! And practice faith in your works.

Don’t forget to check out part three! I’ll upload it next Wednesday for everyone.

Hey… go ahead and leave a comment for me and tell me if you’d like me to post more than once a week, any other feedback for what you’d like to see on the blog is also appreciated!


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