Christian Magick – How They Are Doing It Better

What the Christian’s know about magick that you need to know too!

Ok, so I get it, “Christians are the enemy!” They annihilated our ancestors, they have done whatever they could to eliminate or discredit every other religion because of “The One True God” or whatever excuse you’ve heard.

No matter how you feel about the Christians (which, to be clear, I have no real issue with except for the judgemental/prejudicial behaviors they *typically* encourage), there is something VERY IMPORTANT you need to remember…

The Christians appropriated pagan myths and practices!

Boom, mic drop.

That’s right! All those practices that so many witches abhor or refuse to utilize themselves because they believe anything related to Christianity is evil, they are almost entirely derived from pagan practices!

So the truth is, if you’re not studying their culture and spiritual practices you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for magickal improvement in your own practice.

Why do I say this? Christians have damn near mastered the art of practical magick. Bum Bum BUM!!! Yeah, that’s right. You are being out-witched by someone who denounces witchcraft!

It’s enough to make your brain explode.

Now, while I am going to delve into these magickal practices that Christians are doing better than you, I want to make one thing perfectly clear –

Don’t just listen to me! Creep around some Christian youtube channels and blogs with life and prayer advice. The trick is to ignore the religious rhetoric and focus on the key message of each post and video. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll find. You may also find a surprising amount of amusement and respect for these people who hold at once deny the craft and exploit it.

Now on to some of the key elements we need to reclaim!


Blind Faith

Ok, so this might be a harsh choice of words, but let’s face it, they’re true.

We’ve all met those Christian’s who believe without a doubt that if they pray really, REALLY hard, God will provide. And much to our chagrin, He often does.

Ouch. That needs to be a reality check for us witches.

While I believe it is foolish to put blind faith in an organization or an individual, faith in yourself is of principal importance. Ultimately that is all they are really doing when they put their wishes and troubles in God’s hands.

So how do we do this?

Well, we develop trust and faith in ourselves and our higher power/s. We practice unwaivering faith in all our magickal workings. Difficult, yes, but rewarding nonetheless.


I discuss this in further depth in an article I wrote for Witch a witchy website filled with articles discussing diverse magickal information, click here to check it out!

Next week I will be posting part two of my three part blog on Christian magick!


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