Christian Magick Part 3

Ok, so far we have addressed the practicality of having faith in yourself and having a steady routine practice for your magickal workings. Thanks for sticking with me through this, I hope you enjoy this article and that you’ve been learning through these posts. Now, you may not have realized that while I do condemn… Continue reading Christian Magick Part 3


Christian Magick Part 2

Thanks for checking out part two! If you haven't already, go ahead and read part one now.   There are people out there, who hate witches and the craft. They revile us because we once had something they wanted.   Power.   So they burned and tortured our ancestors and stole their magick. And out… Continue reading Christian Magick Part 2


Christian Magick – How They Are Doing It Better

What the Christian’s know about magick that you need to know too! Ok, so I get it, “Christians are the enemy!” They annihilated our ancestors, they have done whatever they could to eliminate or discredit every other religion because of “The One True God” or whatever excuse you’ve heard. No matter how you feel about… Continue reading Christian Magick – How They Are Doing It Better