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Spiritual Coven

A unique tool accessible to all witches – but especially useful for those solitary practitioners – is the spiritual coven, as I call it. This concept takes the idea of working with your spirit guides to a whole new level.

Ok, so working with your guides always has this “fluffy bunny” connotation to me, I’m not sure why. Probably because every “white witch” and hippy I’ve ever met brings this up. And I met a lot when I worked in a psychic shop.

Honestly, I think that this is a limiting practice and I’ll tell you why; guides choose us. Our guides a usually a small group of spirits that have chosen to work with us for some unspecified period of time to help guide us in life. Don’t get me wrong, I think guides are fabulous and I love mine, but why am I supposed to only work with them?

Beyond the veil lie worlds inhabited by all manner of spirits. Yes, some of them are dangerous and you need to be very careful when you go looking behind the veil, but many of them aren’t going to harm you.

I think it is an unfortunate common behavior to treat spirits as “other”, as beings meant to be avoided unless they seek to guide us. Spirits are people just like you and me. They all have unique personalities and qualities. Yes there’s a certain amount of commonality between certain groups and the myths around them help us to recognize them, but that’s the same thing as stereotyping.

I am a big fan of creating relationships with spirits from beyond the veil. Get to know other spirits, work with them, build relationships with them. Make friends with different spirits and create a community of beings that you can work with like a coven to strengthen your craftwork.

How do we do this?

So here’s where this is kind of dangerous – you’re going to have do a fair amount of trance work and/or journeying. If you’re lucky enough to have some form of psychic ability this will be easier, but no less dangerous.

I want to stress that while interacting with beings beyond the veil is dangerous, it is no more dangerous than interacting with strangers in the physical realm. You never know if the person you meet is a killer/wants to take a piece of your energetic body or is a manipulator that just wants to fuck with your head or if they’re just a decent person looking to make a friend.

When I first interact with a spirit, I like to treat it as a business dealing. Find out what they like, what they need and what they are looking for from a relationship. Tell them the same about yourself. If they’re willing to trade with you (ie you negotiate to provide something for them and they provide something for you), you go ahead and work with them.

Make sure to follow through on your end of the deal! By giving them what you agreed to you ensure that they will follow through with their end and you also cultivate trust. You want their trust so if you want to work with them again, they will be happy to. An important thing to note is that most beings will find a way to get retribution if you renege on your end of the agreement – and they can be pretty vicious at times so it’s best not to piss them off.

See, that’s not all that different from real relationships! You want someone to be your friend, treat them right. If you’re just an asshole to others people aren’t going to help you out.

While I’d like to think that most spirits will sense if you’ve got good intentions and the like and will automatically treat you accordingly, there are some out there that are just assholes. This is why it’s important to protect yourself when working with spirits and to avoid interacting with them until you know and understand how to do this.

Popular Witches Need a Cool Hangout

As I’ve previously discussed, covens are a magnificent way of magnifying the amount of energy raised to manifest your intention. Once you’ve established a variety of connections with other spirits that are willing to come to your aid when asked (something to work out with them prior to evoking them).

As for evoking your spiritual coven, you can do this in the physical realm by creating sacred space and calling them forth or you can do it in your spiritual sacred space.

Many shamans suggest that when you work with different spirits it’s a good idea to keep a representation of the spirit at hand so you have a physical connection to them. Some will use a stone, herb or bone to make and maintain that connection, others use sigils.

In his book, The Thorn-Blooded Witch, Raven Grimassi provides a number of sigils he has created for working with certain primordial energies and plant spirits. You could use the sigils designed by someone else or you and the spirit could form your own. Either way, it’s a good idea to keep these items close at hand by either using a medicine bag or by simply keeping them at your altar.

One you have your talismans, keep them at hand and open sacred space as you usually would or enter a trance state – like you would before journeying and go to your internal spiritual sacred space. Now evoke your spirit allies and get shit done!

Before You Go

As is usual, make sure you say goodbye to your allies and thank them! Your allies should be something between business partners and friends, so make sure to treat them right.


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