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Shadow and Light

For a long time I referred to the dichotomy of nature as light and dark. That’s where most of us start, especially when turning to witchcraft after being raised in a judeo-christian society.

Light = good, dark = bad.

This is one of the many limiting beliefs the muggles would have you believe. It is also unfortunately a limiting belief many in the magickal community subscribe to.

You see many in the witch community refer to themselves as a “white witch” or a “dark/black witch” or now there are those who refer to themselves as any variety of the color scale of witchcraft meant to segregate the “good witches” from the “bad”.

Oh, the lies we tell ourselves to remain powerless…

I call myself a witch, no defining color attachment to lay judgement or separate myself from my kin. If someone I met was a witch that never had a need to use “dark” magick, good for them. I’m not going to judge them for their choices or separate myself from them because I choose to work differently, and I would hope they would respond in kind to me and my choices.

This is what we call acceptance and treating others with love and respect. I may not agree with everything you do, but I will respect your decisions because only you know what is best for you.

We need only shift our perspective to deepen our understanding of the magickal world around us. I no longer refer to them as dark and light, but as shadow and light. To truly embrace ourselves, we are forced to look at our shadow selves, to peer into the darkness of our souls and lovingly accept that part of ourselves.

Our shadow selves serve us in various ways, but none is more important than its role as equalizer. None of us is all light or all shadow, we are a diverse range on the spectrum, it is what makes us unique. If we were to abandon the light or the shadow completely we would lose ourselves completely to an imbalanced perspective.

I encourage all witches to play with shadow magick and light magick. Play with all magick, but treat it always with the respect and reverence it deserves. I look forward to delving into the many practical magick option in future posts and encourage you all to follow along.


One thought on “Shadow and Light

  1. A red rose absorbs every color except red. Red is the one color the rose is not. That which appears to be white appears so because it reflects all light. That which appears to be black absorbs all light and thus is all light. A good thing to consider when someone starts comparing white and black to good and evil.


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