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Corsetry as a Witch’s Tool

What article of clothing is just as controversial as the witch her/himself?

The alluring and charming corset.

Sure, they can be a bit restrictive, but consider the magickal applications!

So no, I am not going to be discussing the physical effects of corsetry and waist training in this post, but I can and may at a later date. For now all I will say is, I am not a doctor! If you plan on wearing a real corset with boning it is important to talk to your doctor and do your research first! I suggest checking out this youtube channel for more indepth information.

Now onto the witchy implications!

Most corset designs cover the second and third chakras (the pelvic and solar plexus chakras), the chakras connected to your creativity and willpower. It also covers the all-important “hara” – the energy center of the body according to Japanese Medical Tradition.

Why is this important?

Wearing a corset is a quick and easy way to stimulate and protect these two chakras!

The constricting quality of the corset provides the most delicious sensation of a constant hug around your waist. This tender compression stimulates the two chakras gently increasing willpower and creativity. Consider how this mild stimulation could boost your magickal power when doing craftwork!

With stronger willpower and creativity it’s much easier to focus and direct our energies towards a specific goal. Then add to this the effect on the hara. The hara is the energy portal in the world that ties us to the physical realm. It is often believed that wearing a corset helps to keep oneself grounded in the now and physical realm.

If you focus on these effects – or magickal goals – when lacing (read: tightening) your corset, your focused attention and set intention will heighten these effects. This is the subtle beauty of practical yet effective magick!

In the case of energetic self-protection, the corset is invaluable.

Let’s go back to the hara and chakras two and three again.

The hara is the energy portal that connects us to the physical realm – this goes both ways as it is where we send energy out as well as where we draw it in. When we put a corset on, we are putting on a physical barrier. Through the power of intention we can choose to limit the flow of energy into ourselves, thereby protecting us from absorbing the energies from toxic people, situations and places when we have a corset on.

As for the chakras, again, we are putting up a physical barrier. This protects our creativity and willpower from being corrupted. Have you ever been trying to manifest something and allowed the negative or limited beliefs of your peers influence you? This is what we’re talking about.

Corsets aren’t the only way to access these useful benefits. Our ancestor witches used “girdles” – which were essentially belts – for this very purpose. There is even documentation of certain Goddess using them for magickal benefits. Waist cinchers are another popular alternative (again, consult a doctor and do your research before utilizing a corset, waist cincher, girdle, etc.)

Regardless of which garment or accessory you choose to use, try it for yourself and see how it affects your practice for yourself!


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