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The Cage of Muggle Mentality

I’ll be the first to admit my many stumbles in my practice. I often get sucked back into the limiting belief system that is the ‘muggle’ mentality.

You know what I’m talking about, the vicious limited beliefs of the muggle that you are nothing but a cog, that there is no such thing as magick, that you need to submit to their expectations and judgments.

Normality is a merciless bondage meant to ensnare us, body and soul. It was created to ensnare the magickal beings – and never doubt that you are a magickal being, you are. It is meant to keep us controlled so that those that believe they are without magick no longer feel powerless. Limited beings trying to chain and limit those that are free.

It is a tricky prison, one meant to seduce and lure us into it willingly. Its one failing is that because we willing shackle ourselves to the beautiful illusion, we retain the key to our liberation. So if you are raging against the shackles of normalcy and the acquiescence you have been forced to adopt, take a moment and recognize that freedom is yours.

Rejoice in your oddity.

Honor your sovereignty.

Choose your weapon and defend your right to your own beliefs.

Scientists have estimated that the odds of your being born is one in 400 trillion. By that math you are akin to a miracle. Your very existence is a wonder to be marveled at!

So what are you going to do with your blessed life? Are you going to be a compliant slave to your peers or are you going to clasp your integrity with unyielding fingers and step into your truth?


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