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My Path Part 4: Resolution

If you missed part three, go here now.


I was 18, I had been saving up my money to move out. I didn’t need my parents’ permission, I needed to get out of that house.


October 2009 was my escape. A friend of mine agreed to share an apartment with me. We moved in without telling my parents. When they discovered what I had done it almost permanently destroyed our relationship. It took six months before I was able to meet with my mother and explain why I had to leave. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her what I had done, how far they had driven me. My relationship with my family has never been the same, but I know I am happier and healthier now than I ever was in their care.


Sometimes we must delve into our shadow completely to find ourselves. This period was one of many trials I’ve experienced. I look back on them and consider them to be spiritual initiations. We must prove ourselves to ourselves so that we are reminded of who we truly are and what we are capable of. That experience solidified my dedication to the old ways and to becoming Freya’s priestess.


I began to follow my calling and went wherever the Goddess led. I changed colleges, became a massage therapist and worked as a psychic for two and a half years. My career as a massage therapist led me to Estes Park and the Stanley Hotel, where a God approached me and gave me another directive. One I denied out of fear and resulted in a spiritual boxing match.


Word of advice: when Odin tells you to do something, do it. I would say this applies to all heavenly father archetype Gods (ex. Zeus).

Almost done, I swear! ;-P

Read the conclusion to my tale here!


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