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I couldn’t possibly have a witchy blog without having some pages dedicated to the Gods I work with! Of course I have to start with the Goddess who claimed me so long ago…

Freyja and I have had a relationship far longer than I even knew, but that’s a story for another time. For now, I’ll tell you it wasn’t until I was eighteen that I finally realized that she was my Goddess.

I’m mildly embarrassed to admit that it took nearly six months of being followed by crows and hawks before I made the connection that it was Freyja trying to get my attention. Don’t get me wrong, I knew a Goddess was communicating with me and I knew she was a death Goddess, but I was determined to work with the Irish Gods.

When I finally pulled my head out of my ass, I found myself humbled before this majestic Goddess. The Lady, Mistress of love, magick and death. As complex a woman as any, but so… alluring.

Her’s is undoubtedly a siren’s song. One I had heard for years before I finally followed. The proof of this is etched in my skin. A symbol I found carved in a chateau in France while on a school trip that I held on to for three years before getting it tattooed on my body. It was another ear before I discovered it was one of Her symbols.

Go figure.

If you work with dark Goddesses such as She, you’ll know They will tear you apart before helping you piece yourself back together better and stronger. This is because She is a Goddess of death and fertility.

She and Her brother Freyr are fertility Gods, returning life to where there is none. Like most deities, this applies both physically and spiritually.

Like all Norse Gods, She is a warrior, but She knows magickal arts that not even the great Odin knows. In fact, She taught Him much.

Not only is She strong and wise, but She is beautiful and desired by those of all the realms.

She teaches all women to own the strength of their femininity, and shows by example that our sexuality is meant to be owned not feared. She also shows us how important a soft touch is. That providing comfort and kindness and unconditional love is possibly one of the most powerful magicks there is.

She is a queen, fierce, but loving and She holds integrity to be all important. She is my mother, my Queen, my Mistress, and I am so honored to have Her in my life.

All hail Freyja, Goddess of love and war, magick and death. Queen of the Valkyries, my Lady, my Mistress, may You ever be adored!

Quick Reference Associations When Working with Freyja

Colors: Red, white, black, green, gold

Metal: Gold and silver

Stones: Amber, garnet, rose quartz, jasper, ruby

Scents: Amber, rose, sandalwood, myrtle, vervain

Animals: Hawks, crows, falcons, cats

General associations: the aurora borealis, the moon, gold and amber jewelry, Friday, hawk/falcon/crow feathers, and all flowers (especially red roses)

If you haven’t I strongly suggest you read up on Her myths. Her story is a great source of inspiration, and who knows when you may need to call on Her for help?


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