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Blood Magick Part 1: Ancestors & Blood Sacrifice

Oh yes, let’s get deep in some shadow magick shit…   I DO NOT ENCOURAGE OR ENDORSE THE USE OF BLOOD FOR RITUAL, SACRIFICE OR CRAFTWORK. IF YOU CHOOSE TO PRACTICE THIS DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.   *FYI I will be discussing blood sacrifice in this article. Be warned that working with blood… Continue reading Blood Magick Part 1: Ancestors & Blood Sacrifice

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Corsetry as a Witch’s Tool

What article of clothing is just as controversial as the witch her/himself? The alluring and charming corset. Sure, they can be a bit restrictive, but consider the magickal applications! So no, I am not going to be discussing the physical effects of corsetry and waist training in this post, but I can and may at… Continue reading Corsetry as a Witch’s Tool

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Diversity in the Home

I have almost always shared a home with people who subscribe to Catholicism. The difference between my demoralizing upbringing and the encouraging and accepting household I am living in now is night and day. You can read about my journey to paganism here, but to give you the short of it, my father is a… Continue reading Diversity in the Home

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I Quit Social Media for Three Months

Did your head just explode from seeing the title of this post? Yep, I did it. I went three months without social media and I want to tell you why I did it and how it changed my life! Why Quit Social Media This was not something I did willy-nilly. This was a decision I… Continue reading I Quit Social Media for Three Months

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Spiritual Coven

A unique tool accessible to all witches - but especially useful for those solitary practitioners - is the spiritual coven, as I call it. This concept takes the idea of working with your spirit guides to a whole new level. Ok, so working with your guides always has this “fluffy bunny” connotation to me, I’m… Continue reading Spiritual Coven

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Feeding the Spirits

It’s easy to forget about tending our altars. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a long history of failing to care for it properly. We’ve all been there -- cups full of moldy libations and bowls full of crusty food, and a thick layer of dust covering everything. My friend, The Wizard,… Continue reading Feeding the Spirits